Cirque Wellness Program

Having a unique specialty in such disciplines as aerial performance, fire breathing, acrobalance, or even clowning, is a highly marketable arts skill with opportunities for performance, instruction, and studio ownership.

With circus, there are many components to explore and new challenges to take on. Develop skills in problem solving, internal and external conflict resolution, communication building, creative strategizing, and capacity building to break through self-maintained and societally reinforced barriers.


It is also scientifically supported that consistent participation in any form of physical fitness, positively impacts your overall well being, and, activates positive hormone receptors in your brain.


Vivid Black Paint Cirque Wellness Classes at Stomping Ground Studio!

Click for: 16+ & Adult Beginner Silks - Saturdays - 11:30am-12:45pm

Click for: Youth Beginner Silks - Saturdays - 2:30-3:45pm

For Stomping Ground Website (Mpls)


4 Class Packages also Available for $72.00:

Monthly Saturday Workshops with Coco

January 22: Vertical Climbs Basic to intermediate

February 19: Basic Tumbling & Floor Sequences

March 19: Dual Loops (Double Sling/Loop Straps)

April 16: Vertical Climbs Intermediate

May 21: Silks Drops Beginner to Intermediate

Contact us directly if you need financial support for your class!

Otherwise, use our $5.00 Discount for POC students Only, " vivid-discount "


Star Tribune Summer 2021

Currently seeking opportunities to collaborate in offering circus arts, aerial focused programming & workshops for Black and Brown Youth in the Twin cities.

If you know of opportunities, or are the opportunity,

please inquire directly by emailing 

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