Vivid Black Paint in the News




Vivid Black Paint provides supportive programming to Honor and Uplift Aspiring and Established Artists who identify as black and as persons of color and to provide welcoming space for people to smile, laugh, and be entertained with circus and art as a vital service to mental well being and social emotional development.




Vivid Black Paint is a non profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code. 


To maximize impact and reach, we may collaborate with other initiatives and entities. 


Vivid Black Paint accomplishes Our Purpose through events and supportive programming for established and aspiring black artists, indigenous artists, and artists of color to provide their Creative Services to the world and build up their Supportive Networks. We also serve the community at large with joy and entertainment, primarily through art and circus.


Our Programming allows space for our artists to come together, build community, collaborate, exchange, mentor, and witness one another's art. 


Vivid Black Paint will also provide career pathways, internships, and volunteer opportunities within the organization for our artists. In turn, further Deepening Vivid Black Paint’s Impact and Mission.

Projection of Need


There are currently great organizations that offer various supports for established and aspiring artists in the Twin Cities, and, support career development and mentorship (ie Springboard for the Arts, YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, Summit Academy, etc). Vivid Black Paint aims to partner with these organizations for community, funding, mentorship, and capacity building.

However, where we are truly important is that not only do we focus solely on black artists, indigenous artists, and artists of color, but, we also aim to address some of the more basic “Right Now” needs, such as housing through our Community House.


In Minnesota in particular, we often rank highest in education, health care and quality of living. However, this does not often apply to BIPOC individuals and families. When it comes to the disparities of black communities, such as North Minneapolis, they often are ranked with the greatest all around disparities in access and quality of life. It is now, in the midst of COVID closures and civil unrest, that housing and supportive programs are needed even more for our communities. Vivid Black Paint wants to begin offering a pocket of relief.