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Program Space

Program Spaces

& Typical Fees

**All listed fees are typical and subject to change**

Check out our cute Reveal Video Here

**It shows what the space currently look like**

The Vivid Black Paint Community House

Vivid Black Paint has been restricted in what we can offer time and time again due to limitations of available and appropriate program spaces in the metro. In offering our Resident Program we have found that we actually already built our sweetly appropriate program space!

Now we plan to make the best use of it. 

Alongside the

  Resident Program, and brand new Community House Guest Program ,

we will offer weekly options that focus on building community in unique, creative, and fun ways. 

Most program opportunities will be fee based. Individuals who participate, will be directly supporting housing opportunities for young, female & fem, BIPOC creatives!

Community House Collaborators

We are also seeking the opportunity to work with groups or individuals who would utilize the space on a weekly or monthly basis. As a Community House Collaborator, you would enjoy a flat monthly fee, flexible access to the home, access to work-space, and storage space amongst several other benefits. Kind of like an incubator space, but for programs and their programmers!

For serious inquiries about our Community House Collaborators program, complete the Application below! It includes more information about requirements, benefits, and access!

**Plan for 30-45mns to complete the application & complete it with all relevant parties present**

 Community House Collaborator Application! 


Vivid Creators

If you happen to be a creative looking for a "testing grounds" for a program design or project idea that you think the house would support, AND, you happen to be a BIPOC individual, between the ages of 16 to 25...

Reach out directly to We may have some additional support for you!

By Room, By Hour Rentable Program Space

You may also be running into the issue of wanting to run an intimate program or event.

Connect with us as we offer that opportunity. Have ideas for ways you could use the house?

Review costs and complete the Inquiry Form below!

Closed in Front Porch

Includes: seating & piano

Seats: 3-5

Fee: $10/hr

Living Room

Includes: seating & television

Seats: 5-8

Fee: $20/hr

Dining Room

Includes: seating & table

Seats: 4-6

Fee: $15/hr

The Well Executive's Suite

Includes: 4-6 Cots, queen sized bed, bean bags, and floor pillows, 3 tiny tables, window AC unit

Seats: 6-12                       

Fee: $30/hr


Includes: sink, dishwasher, stove, microwave/air fryer, cookware, bakeware, dishes, basic ingredients, mini countertop grill

Seats: 0

Fee: $20/hr

Basement Studio Spaces

Includes: arts supplies, 4 tables, 10 folding chairs, 3 stools, computer, easels, speaker, mirrors, Cricut machine, workout tools

Seats: Up to 10

Fee: $30/hr

Outdoor Studio

Includes: Aerial truss, turf, small raised back porch, side yard

Fits: 8-12 sitting | 10-16 standing/moving

Fee: $45/hr | $200 for 4hrs+

If booking more than 4 hours, all available indoor spaces, the entire house, or the entire property,

inquire directly at

**If looking to rent the backyard for aerial, additional fees and requirements may apply.**

Collaborator program
Program Spaces & Fees
Inquiry Form

Let’s Work Together!

3415 Newton Ave N

Minneapolis Mn 55412 

Near Lucy Laney Elementary School

Text #: 612 470 9014

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