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Resident Program & Community House Guest Program
Resident Program & Community House Guest Program

Resident Program & Community House Guest Program

The Community House Guest & Resident Programs. Applicants must identify as a female or fem, BIPOC, creative. Resident Applicants complete an Interview, Application, & Fee Submission. Rooms A is $325 ~120sqft Room B is $415 ~ 150sqft Guests need Only complete the application. Review Info Below.

This application is currently closed. Inquire Directly, OR, Check back in a few days ^_^.
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Be Vivid & Chill

Jul 15, 2024, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Vivid Black Paint Community House, 3415 Newton Ave N Minneapolis

Program & Activity Info

Community House RESIDENTS:

This is going to best fit BIPOC Female Born Identifying People [17-25] who are interested in working towards developing their Creative/Arts Practice who can afford to stably live in the house. BIPOC Fem creatives will also be given special consideration.

Residents must also be excited about supporting Vivid Black Paint programming & events that will take place each week in The Community House. 

Further, Vivid Black Paint community members will also run programming, and occasionally events, in the home. Community Program Hours are 6:30am to 9:30pm Monday thru Friday & 8:30am to 9:30pm Saturday & Sunday. "Calm Hours," time for quiet, reflective, and... calming activities, are from 6:30am to 9:30am Everyday.

Residents will actually be supporting these activities as applicable, primarily house upkeep and occasionally by helping with set up for programming, events, & activities in the home. 

Residents may also want to participant in some of those activities.

The Resident Program is a great opporunity for young people interested in wealth building and entrepreneurship.

Residents will have ample opportunities to... with program facilitators

...on occasion event coordinators/producers

...and see first hand what it takes to design and facilitate programming, activities, and events.

Lastly, residents room rental payments will support the house's capacity to offer other young creatives an opportunity to be community house guests for 1 night up to 21 nights.

Community House GUESTS:

BIPOC Female & Fem Creatives, ages 17 to 25, who are in transition for a few nights, needing space and opportunity to focus on a creative project for a few nights, and/or looking for a creative and safe space to take rest for a few nights, can request to become a Community House Guest. 

For this option to be viable, individuals need to be able to clearly identify, and show evidence, that they have a designated landing place to move on to within the next 1 day to 21 days. 

Guests will need to schedule a time to enter the home during non-calm, community programming hours. Guests will not be able to get into the house if it is after 9:30pm or if their time of arrival was not coordinated.

The Community House is Not A Shelter and does not offer specialized supports for high needs individuals at this time. However, we could potentially refer you on towards those types of supports.

Taking up residence in the Community House is only an option for individuals who enter the home through the Resident Program. 

If Community House Guests choose to contribute to programming, that is more than welcomed. 

However, contributions are considered donations and volunteer hours. Those contributions do not translate to an exchange for residence. If you enter the home for any reason and did not sign a lease, and were not accepted into the Resident Program, you are a guest and your stay is temporary.

**Resident Program and Community House Guest Program potentials, MUST Apply to be considered. You will then go through our formal processing if your application is accepted. If you do not complete the application and processing, you are not allowed to stay in the home overnight.**

House Description & Residential Overview

2 Furnished Standard Size Rooms - 1 Resident per Room [17-25yrs]

Work Space & Mini Fridge in each room

1 Shared Bathroom [Renovation intended for 2024 to add 2nd basement bathroom]

Washer & Dryer & Creative Spaces in the Basement

Central Heating & Air [restrictions decided by residents]

Wellness space and piano on the front porch

Furnished Living Room & Dining Room

Full Kitchen with fridge, dishwasher, gas range stove, dishes, pots and silverware

Garage and Alleyway Car Park for 2-3 cars + Street Parking

Large backyard with turf

Security System

Book your Room & House Viewing Before Submitting An Application. Email

Here is the Empty House Listing for more reference:

Resident Expectations Overview

Pay Rent $325.00 or 415.00 based on room size, Wifi Included

Pay Utilities [gas & electric around $75-150/resident/month]

[water, trash, sewage included]

Regular House Check Ins/Future Goals Planning with Executive Director

Regular Room Reviews by Executive Director

Monthly Household Deep Clean

Weekly Chores for Common Areas, Decided by Residents

Clean Personal Space

Resident Benefits Overview

Opportunities to develop your craft

Opportunities to support other young creatives

Opportunities to be a part of the Vivid Black Paint mission

Life & Career Coaching

Affordable Rent

Guest Expectations

Clean up behind yourself

Use the amenities that were shown to you during orientation

Be mindful of noise

Be kind and courteous to others in the home

Feed your body

Take the opportunity to feed your spirit, have a conversation or create something

Leave only with items you came in with, be in community, respect the space and the items within it


Application Timeline

Once Submitted, it can take 1-7 business days for the Executive Director to review the application.

The Application will close anytime Both Resident Program Rooms or The Executive's Well Suite cots (where participants of the Guest program will occupy resting space) are occupied.     

No Application Fee.

Applications are Processed on a rolling basis.

For Resident Program Only

$57, non-refundable, renter’s reports expense for 2nd phase of application - 

Interviews, Background Checks, and Reference Checks

Fees Due Upon Approval Include

Room A Fees Include: First Month's Rent,  Non Refundable New Resident Fee of $162.50, and a Deposit of $250.00 if staying 3 months or more

Room B Fees Include: First Month's Rent,  Non Refundable New Resident Fee $207.50, and a Deposit of $250.00 if staying 3 months or more

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