Our Programmatic Sketchbook

This page goes into programs that are currently still "conceptual" in nature. We are excited to say that, soon enough these too will become active programs for Vivid Black Paint.














Vivid Black Paint Community House


Vivid Black Paint Community House will feature income based living quarters, various creative spaces, such as a dance studio, art studio, and media center, and a live in staff for residents to further develop their vision. Residents will be able to use spaces to earn towards an income.

When using our facilities residents keep 100% of any profit.


There is a sense of security in knowing you have a safe place to sleep each night, especially one within the bounds of your financial capacity. There is also a sense of security in having a community of people you know you can rely on. We believe these benefits will allow our artists to delve deep into their creative passions, and to focus on their critical planning stage.

Vivid Black Paint Circus Wellness Program


Another component of Vivid Black Paint, is that we offer Circus Arts classes and workshops.

Having a unique specialty in such disciplines as aerial performance, fire breathing, acrobalance, or even clowning, is a highly marketable arts skill with opportunities for performance, instruction and studio ownership.

Vivid Black Paint will also have its own Circus Paint Coach and Coach Assistant Pathway program.

With circus, there are many components to explore and new challenges to take on to develop skills in problem solving, internal and external conflict resolution, communication building, creative strategizing, and capacity building to break through self-maintained and societally reinforced barriers.


It is also scientifically supported that consistent participation in any form of physical fitness, positively impacts your overall well being, and, activates positive hormone receptors in your brain.

Opportunities to Take Aerial Arts Classes, Click here: Take Class

Sponsor of a B+POC's Aerial Experience, Click here: Become a Sponsor


Vivid Black Paint World Program


To further support our creatives, we offer the "Vivid Black Paint World Program." This program will create opportunities for our artists to broaden their experiences, and therefore broaden their scope of what is possible. Through the act of travel, our creatives will be exposed to new norms, rituals, people, and, of course, art they may not have otherwise had access to.

Learning something new, or perhaps even contradictory to what you think you already know, Will cause an internal conflict that Will challenge an individual to growth.

Only from continual and significant growth can one reach their Full Creative Potential.


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