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Our Creatives Inspired 

LIFE Planning Program

Learn | Implement | Finance | Enrich | Wellness


Our LIFE Planning Programming


This program was built as a missing, middle life support for Adult Aspiring, Established, or, "Re-Establishing," BIPOC Artists to have space and guidance to... simply plan. 

There is "beauty in the struggle," but we want artists to also create from a place of security and joy. 

Participants who choose the Vivid Black Paint LIFE Plan Program can commence on their own self directed journey.

Participants can utilize the structure provided by the Vivid Black Paint Workbook Curriculum and Vivid Black Paint LIFE Plan program events, networking opportunities, and workshops. Participants can choose to self-identify an Ambassador/Mentor or Peer Collaborator/Accountability Partner, OR, Challenge their Independence and Self Accountability to "go it alone," and go forth through the 4 LIFE stages of Personal and Professional Growth described below.


use the opportunity to grow your skills, develop their interests and begin collaborating with others to expand your network and general understanding of what's possible 


work to begin applying what you have learned to then develop the vision for a career, project, or Venture and pursue what means are necessary to successfully reach your goals


most goals require a level of financial earning and spending, establish how you will secure funds or an appropriate apprenticeship, internship, or job, and, develop a better understanding of what your products or skills are worth, to then build the language to advocate for it


LIFE Plan participants will be expected to enrich others who may have not yet found their way by leading a workshop, leading a discussion, collecting helpful resources or tips to be made available to others, or by becoming an Ambassador themselves


setting yourself up to be able to receive joy and taking steps to complete tasks or activities simply for the betterment of you emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical health

We want you to use the tools that we provide to find your own Creative Success.

The Journey is Ultimately Yours to Direct.

This OnDemand Programming is Absolutely FREE and is meant to support various discussion forums and groups, fun networking activities, and workshops focused on developing tools to better understand Your Personal Vision of Success and help you to move your ambitions forward.

We are Currently working on Volume II of the LIFE Plan Workbook, pre-order your copy today for May 2021 Release. Check out snapshots of Volume I below!




This workbook is copyright protected material curated for use by Vivid Black Paint. It is intended for use of our LIFE Plan program participants under the regulations of 501c3 Nonprofit Federal Tax Exempt status for Charitable and Educational purposes.

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